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Drive + Play, Convenient In-car iPod Navigation

This little product from company Harman/Kardon could prove to be the most useful iPod accessory to date. It’s a three part system. First, you have this joystick like, clickwheel device that you attach wherever it’s convenient. This allows you to control the iPod through the same convenient and familiar design that you’re already used to.

Second, you have a relatively small and unobstrusive 5 line LCD to place somwhere on your dashboard. This allows you to see what’s playing and access and navigate all the iPod’s menus while also keeping your eyes on the road.

Third, “The brain”, which serves as an information processor and connecting port. It houses a wireless FM modulator with five factory-set frequencies and one definable by the user; a 3.5mm audio output jack that connects Drive + Play to any vehicle that has an auxiliary input; and an auxiliary input that allows the user to use Drive + Play to route other audio signals, including satellite radio, into the vehicle’s audio system.

It recharges the iPod while docked and turns itself off when not in use. It will hit market in September 2005 and go for $200. Check out the press release and the website. Story VIA Alt1040.