Dual SIM Card Adapter (Image courtesy Brando.com.hk)By Andrew Liszewski

It has often been the case when travelling that I’ve had to buy airtime on a local carrier to avoid getting a monstrous long distance bill upon returning home. At the same time though I still use my standard provider for cheap text messaging with friends and family while I’m out of the country.

The Brando Dual SIM Card Adapter allows you to easily use two different SIM cards on your phone without the need to constantly power it down, remove the battery and manually swap the cards in and out. While these adapters are not necessarily a new idea the Brando Dual SIM Adapter innovates by letting you easily choose which of the 2 SIM cards to use right from the phone’s menu system. Alternately if you think you might forget to swap over you can also setup a timer and the phone will automatically switch between cards for you.

Brando currently sells the Dual SIM Card Adapter for $27.

[Brando Dual SIM Card Adapter] VIA [The Gadget Blog]