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Hearwear, Redesigning Hearing Aids

When you think about it, when’s the last time you saw an earpiece and thought to yourself, “Hey, that looks nice. I wouldn’t mind being a little deaf myself!”?

Well, UK’s largest charity for deaf people and a design magazine are launching an exhibition called Hearwear, that aims to change all that (I don’t mean making you want to be deaf) and bring a breath of much needed fresh air to the field of hearing implements. The show opens at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London this week.

Various new models will be featured, some of which include

“The Universal Hear-ring (pictured above) by Pearson Lloyd”, which is a basic core that can house a variety of hardware – handsfree mobile headset, wireless MP3 headphones or digital hearing aids. The user can customise it by adding separate outer rings to suit mood, style or occasion.

There is also “The Decibel”, which protects the user’s ears in noisy environments while allowing certain sounds to get through – for example, a mobile phone, laptop or MP3 player.

This story seemingly first appeared on the BBC. I found it VIA Textually though.