So one minute, Siemens’ mobile division is going to be sold to LG. The next minute, it’s not. I say, oh well.

Siemens' SF65 iPod-like phoneIn any case what’s undeniable to me is that they must be getting desperate to sell something. And you know what they say… “When sales are low, iPodify your products!” Well, that seems to be just what they’ve done here. It’s a pretty phone, I have to admit. Then again, I’m a sucker for anything Apple (I think their product designers are purebred garden gnomes raised by God Himself.)

The SF65 comes with a 1.3MP camera and flash, which is certainly lovely. Yet it has no bluetooth or POP3 email support, essentially making it a connectivity island. Some (me) would even call it… a bimbo.

Navigate to the SF65 in Siemens’ website to see for yourself.