ZeonIt seems like Creative is banking on colorful customisability to one-up the other music players in its category, what with ten colors to chose from. Cashing in on that marketing strategy, company Vaja has started production on a leather case for the Zen micro. The nice thing about it? Oh, the truckloads of different colors it can come in is what.

Matter of fact, Vaja doesn’t even manufacture the case in all these colors. It makes the product (in any of the 150 or so available colors) after you order it. They can even customise the case with your name for an extra 10$. A belt clip will cost you 4$ and the actual case starts at 60$.

Considering the 10 different Zen micro colors, there can be about 1500 combinations of the two, making it somewhat possible to give yourself a unique look.

Check it out.