jajah logoBy David Ponce

As we’ve mentioned before, countless times, VoIP is great. But it’s not yet the landline/mobile killer that it has the potential to be. One of the reasons for this is that you generally have to be tethered to a computer to take advantage of it, and most people whose skins haven’t turned translucent from lack of sunlight… actually venture away from the PC/Mac from time to time. Sure, there are workarounds, like Actiontec’s Call Center, but they introduce some complexity into the equation, requiring you to call home, enter passcodes, etc. That may all change with a new offering from Jajah. They’ve recently announced the launch of Jajah Mobile, an application that makes VoIP calls from mobiles easy and, above all, seamless.

Once you’ve installed the application on your (hopefully supported) handset, you simply specify which call is to be routed through Jajah, and dial. The phone then connects you to a local Jajah number, and the company routes your call to its destination for you, performing VoIP magic in the middle. If the call happens to be to another Jajah user (whose number is registered in their database), and this user is in a certain zone (like the US, Canada and part of Europe), then the call is free! If not, it’s still probably a lot cheaper than your carrier would charge you. But most importantly, it’s simple, easy and yes, seamless.

At the moment, many Symbian phones and Java enabled handsets are supported, and the company is working hard to add more.

[Jajah Mobile] VIA [TechCrunch]