hdd084There are so many MP3 players out there, you’d wonder why I’d even bother mentioning this one. It’s not great, or cheap, or iPoddy. Well, I have a thing for Philips is why. I own one of their products and since then, I’ve felt very fuzzy everytime I see anything by them.

Well, so let’s see then. The thick credit card sized player comes with 3GB of storage. It has trademarked functions called SuperPlay and SuperScroll whose functionality I cannot begin to fathom. It can be used as a mass storage device (yay!) and it’s expected to be sold for 179$.

Hmm… I taste flat cola.

Check out the press release.


  1. I’d like to transfer music (hopefully in mp3 format, not only wma) in drag-and-drop fashion… is there a solution, hack or something?
    With this Windows-Media-player10-only thing they are cheating customers… I see them losing their market this way…