LG F9100I’m a big fan of SMS. I’m in the middle of something, cant make a call, but need to get in touch now: SMS. Of course, the annoyance, is the way you have to enter your text. I never gave T9 predictive text input a chance, it drove me nuts. I always craved qwerty keyboards, but they only came in bigger, more ungainly phones, like the Sidekick.

Well, Cingular is now carrying the F9100 from LG. It seems kind of nice, with a slide-out keyboard. It’s 150$. It’s not completely ugly. The niceness of it stops there though. It’s plumpudding bland featurewise.

However, as Cingular prominently displays on their product page, this very phone was featured in Americal Idol! Well, ladies and gents… That and the keyboard? Give me half a dozen!

Visit Cingular’s website and navigate to the phone.