Limited Edition Versace Nokia 7270


nullSo it looks like Donatella Versace got her designing cap on, and made a special Nokia 7270.

[She] designed a Limited Edition of the Nokia 7270 model (727 pieces), an extravagant fashion phone as a charity-project for “Life Ball 2005, one of Europe’s largest AIDS charity events, which was held in Vienna’s City Hall, last night.

The cover of the clamshell model is designed with yellow-black ornaments in the well-known art-deco style of the 1920s. Completed with a tiny carrying strap, covered in Swarovski-crystals.

Now, I don’t exactly read whatever language that website is in, but I’m pretty sure I spotted 799Euro somewhere in there, which works out to about 1025$US. A pretty penny for a pretty phone.

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  1. Versace Nokia 7270

    I’ve always been confused by Versace and their meatball Goomba Italy-by-way-of-bad-gangster-movie-opulance aesthetic. However, they have produced a specially modded 7270 which appears, at first glance, to be a gun moll’s tampon case and is really a f…

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