m stock 533

By David Ponce

The M-stock 533 is a really nifty clock, albeit one with limited appeal to anyone outside of Japan. It’s not that it really does anything revolutionary, or something that couldn’t be accomplished differently, but we like it all the same: it is able to download songs from your mobile phone via IR. It stores up to 5 and you can then have the pleasure of being awakened by whatever tunes you happen to think are cool at the time. The problem is that it’s limited to Japan, and that the tunes have to be purchased from Mupass. And yeah there are a number of ways to wake up to your songs, but we thought the idea of an alarm clock that downloads songs from your mobile to be kinda cool.

It’s 8,925 Yen, or roughly $76.

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  1. An interesting alarm clock concept but at $76 USD it doesn’t really seem worth the price.

    It’s actually performing a function that the majority of modern mobile phones can do anyway.

    I suspect it’s targeting a very niche Japanese market.

    Nifty idea anyway.