hello_kitty1Not wanting to alienate the hordes of Hello Kitty fans worldwide, I abstained from making any sort of negative comments about an earlier Hello Kitty player. I didn’t mention for instance, how it looked like it was aimed at children ages 3 – 8. Or how learning to use it looked like it might require an inordinate amount of studying.

Now, however, I feel I can say these things with impunity, as there is a new player in town. Korean company Eratech has started producing the MP-KT7, a player packed with features and a display.

It plays MP3, WMA, and OGG. It comes with FM radio, line-in recording, voice recording, SRS Wow effects, and charge-over-USB to the built-in Lithium battery. Sadly, only 256MB of flash memory. But hey, it’s Hello Kitty.

It’s on sale at daum.net for 187 000won, or 182USD$.

Via dapreview.net.