iracer2So this player from Korean company MPEye gets to be the first item to be discussed within this website’s new focus: sexy designs. That’s right. From now on, though we may cover the occasinal eye sore, we will try to bring you news of only the most visually attractive and elegantly designed gadgets out there. Cause let’s face it, gadgets these days are no longer a convenient indulgence reserved for the uber geek; they’re a life-giving, soul-lifting necessity indispensable in the life of so many. As such, they should look beautiful too, because really, who wants to live in an ugly world?

This being said, this MP3 player does come with the usual list of features with a couple of extras: it has a color LCD screen that can be covered by a slide out lid and it has little speakers. It’s replete with chrome, which is always pretty. However, there’s a big BUT in the functionality department. It only comes with USB 1.0. And that, my friends, is a dealbreaker.

Via DAPreview.

If you read Korean, check out the website.