Newgen T3, Touchscreen Dialing And Other Goodness


By David Ponce

I don’t know why this took so long, but there you have it. See, cellphones usually come with a dilemma. You can’t make’em too big, right? So, how much space do you dedicate to your keypad, and how much space to your screen in that limited area? The keypad is too small and people can’t dial. The screen is too small and you’re back in 2001. Yeah, you got your sliders and your clamshells, but some argue those aren’t very elegant designs.

Enter the Newgen T3. It’s part PDA, part cellphone. Most importantly, you dial by touching the screen. Comes with a stylus and everything. There are some buttons at the bottom, for regular applications. It’s not the most exciting phone though:

It comes with a 2.2-inch TFT LCD with 262k colors. The phone also has built-in stereo speakers for a hopefully better listening experience using the built in MP3 player. The downside is this device has only 64MB of built-in memory and it lacks support for Bluetooth or Infrared. USB transfer is the only option.

And, it looks like it’s China only. But hell, it’s a step in the right direction.

[Phoneyworld] VIA [Mobilewhack]


  1. My boss has a Treo 650 and it’s screen turns into a keypad of sorts. 2 problems with it.
    1) there is a lot to be said for having tactile keys. If people complain about fat fingering small keys imagine how often it will happen when you can’t even feel them. Not to mention double tapping.

    2) grease. fingers have it, screens look bad with it. My boss is _constantly_ cleaning his screen.

  2. seriously, i love tactile keys, u know when you press down on something something, you recieve physical feedack. On screen dialing seems lame to me, it looks like a mini pda, not a phone.
    Keep up the good work david! loving the site.