Pebble 1Gb MP3 Player (Image courtesy Advanced MP3 Players website)By Andrew Liszewski

Since the day I bought my iPod Shuffle, the biggest feature I now look for in an MP3 player is size. More specifically, small and light. Being able to stash it in your pocket without it acting like a diving weight is the biggest plus in my books.

While the Pebble 1GB takes a lot of it’s design and feature cues from other gadgets (including the name), in the end the whole is definitely greater than the sum of it’s borrowed parts. The diminutive player packs quite a feature set including an OLED screen, preset and user-customized EQ modes with DBB and 3D sound functions, a voice recorder, an FM tuner with recording capabilities and of course USB 2.0 connectivity. The built in lithium polymer battery is rated for 12 hours of playback and to top it all off, the Pebble doesn’t look that bad either.

The Pebble 1GB MP3 Player is available for $170 (after currency conversion) exclusively from Advanced MP3 Players.

[Pebble 1GB MP3 Player] From [Advanced MP3 Players]