PH-L4000VOn the long and oft bumpy road to Total Electronic Device Convergeance, there are many (and frequently, very pretty) stops. Now, while the days where we can hold a camcorder-digital camera-cellphone-gaming console-PDA-MP3 player in one hand are probably not that far ahead, they’re not quite here yet. However, we can try to dry our tears of longing with the sight (certainly not the possession) of one such stop on the aforementioned road: this fine item from Pantech and Curitel.

The PH-L4000V integrates a 2.1 MP digital camera and can take camcorder quality footage and printable pictures unto a memory card of unspecified format. It has a flash and optical zoom. And oh yeah, you can make cellular calls on it too.

Now, like I said, don’t get too excited. You’re not likely to see one in America anytime soon. This is being released in Korea, and that’s where it’s likely to stay for the next little while. Unless of course you want to try your hand at importing it, at the risk of losing features and breaking the interface.

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