electronic cowbellBy Dave Coulter

The one thing I was always missing in my high school band experience was the percussive rapport of the Butterscotch Quail. Where was a podunk high school in Southern Oregon to find the grail of cowbells, distinctively known by its prodigious tenure in being “used in more Olympic Games opening ceremonies than any other cowbell?”

Well, now we all can be titillated into exciting amazement and wonder by Rad Monkey’s VLC800 electronic cowbell—and treat ourselves to the sonorous jingles of The Oregon Trail Model 75, be charmed by the “vintage warmth” of the Alma Cogan Model V, or dare I say, tickled by the Chicken Nugget .

You’ll be sure to love the feature-set of this dynamo, so check out the product page here. Too bad this is naught but a laugh, ’cause I’d pony up!

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