Since E3, there has been some speculation about Sony adding some cellular capability to it’s already popular PSP. Popular in Japan that is. On this side of the pond, we’re still gritting our teeth.PSP could be used as a cellphone

Now, Sony’s COO is adding some fuel to the story by… flat out telling us about it.

Now, if you ask me: Who on earth would want to use the PSP as a cellphone? I mean, the unit looks awesome… but stuck to your ear? The word ungainly comes to mind, no? Or maybe it’s meant to be used to add some sort of online gaming functionality. I imagine we’ll find out soon enough.

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  1. wow i once dreamed about it… well everything is possible (when is up to sony.. of course) well i was thinking if you can ideal an adaptor to the psp to make it a phone. using a “housing” of a UMD where you inset the SIM card of your cell phone. that in the UMD interior has all the components needed to make it a phone. or a special memory stick pro duo. where yopu inser the sim in there and uswe a like hands free headset and…. well sorry my imagination got to carrie away ( ? ) well anyway what eve you finish making to the PSP-PHONE i will buy it anyways.