LEGO Bands

What you can make with LEGO bricks is limitless, especially if you’re creative and have the ability to envision while you put them together, brick by brick. These are qualities that LEGO builder extraordinaire Adly Syairi Ramly doesn’t have a shortage of, which his latest work clearly shows.

Adly has recently unveiled a gallery of twenty iconic bands recreated using nothing but LEGO bricks, including the likes of the Beastie Boys, Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, and Foo Fighters.

LEGO Bands1

LEGO Bands2

LEGO Bands3

LEGO Bands4

LEGO Bands5

LEGO Bands6

LEGO Bands7

LEGO Bands8

LEGO Bands9

LEGO Bands9a

LEGO Bands9b

LEGO Bands9c

LEGO Bands9d

LEGO Bands9e

LEGO Bands9f

LEGO Bands9g

LEGO Bands9h

LEGO Bands9i


The most amusing one is that of N’Sync, while I find the one for No Doubt particularly impressive (but maybe that’s only because I love how the Gwen Stefani minifig looks!) Which one’s your favorite?

VIA [ LikeCool ]

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