Slipstreamz (Image courtesy iWorld)By Andrew Liszewski

Just riding a bike in a busy city is dangerous enough but riding while not being able to hear the cars, buses, people and hundreds of other obstacles is downright suicidal. But I still see plenty of people on their bikes wearing the standard white iPod earbuds which are basically designed to effectively block out the noises around them.

The Slipstreamz let you enjoy your music when riding while still allowing you to hear the traffic around you by positioning the earbuds outside your ear which allows ambient noises to be easily heard. The Slipstreamz are designed to be attached to the straps on a cycling helmet which is what holds them in place over your ears and also allows them to block the wind both reducing noise and preventing your ears from freezing on a cold winter morning.

The Slipstreamz are currently available from iWorld for ?7.49.

[Slipstreamz] VIA [The Gadgeteer]