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Sprint Releases Security Management For Its Mobility Management Solution

sprint logoBy David Ponce

We realize that there may be those among you tasked with the management of mobile workforces. Or, more likely, others that belong to a mobile workforce and have been given company laptops or cellphones to perform your duties. Well, these devices can’t be used willy-nilly, and while we’ve already mentioned one company (Synchronica) that makes software for remote device management, they’re a little obscure. Well, in case you weren’t aware, everyone’s favorite carrier, Sprint happens to also provide a mobile management solution, called Sprint Mobility Management. And now, they’ve just announced the addition of one, possibly vital service: Security Management.

So, just like that, you’ll be able to provide your fleet of devices with protection from viruses and trojans, protect your data and enforce policies (don’t want your people playing Solitaire while on break?), all from the comfort of one online portal.

Of course, unless you’re somehow affected by mobile management, none of this will affect you in the least.

[Read The Press Release]