Sticksound Radio (Image courtesy PID)By Andrew Liszewski

Looking quite similar to the old Tandy joystick I played endless hours of Police Quest with as a kid the Soundstick Radio from Lexon Design is probably as simple as a radio can get.

The antenna that sticks up in the middle also serves as the human input device and can be moved around just like a joystick. From what I can tell in one direction a back and forth motion controls volume while the other direction is used for tuning frequencies.

The Soundstick Radio is available from PID (Personal Interior Design) in red, blue, black, white and silver colors for $69. It’s powered by 4 AA batteries which are included.

[Lexon Design Sticksound Radio] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]


  1. this indeed is a VERY nice and beautiful idee for minimalism.. but hey – the technics and parts are worth only 5 bucks ^^

    i dont see why they need to charge over 50$ for design..