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Stripy Palm-Sized Speakers

Stripy Speakers (Image courtesy

By Andrew Liszewski

While the iPod was primarily designed to be used as a personal audio device let’s face it, a lot of us have our entire music collections on them and sometimes you just want to share. There’s a wide selection of portable speakers out there, but none that look as slick or apparently sound as good as these Stripy Speakers do.

Made from polished aluminum and packing a “9 watt punch” (4.5 watts RMS per channel) the Stripy Speakers come in a unique tubular design that incorporates a swivelling elbow allowing the speakers to be strategically aimed in almost any direction. The coolest looking part though is the central control station that uses an intuitive one-touch button to control volume and toggle through modes. When first turned on the button appears pinky-white in color, tap it once and it turns blue for bass control, tap it twice and it changes to green for treble control and tapping it a third time returns to the standard volume control.

The Stripy Speakers are currently available for pre-order at for about $87 (after conversion.)

[Stripy Speakers] VIA [electro^plankton]