By David Ponce

If you’re going to have something dangling from your car’s rear view mirror, do you really think your best option is that air freshener that ran out of fresh about five months ago? Why not make it something useful?

You could, for instance, purchase The Car Clip and put your iPod where you can see it. That way, you can change tracks and such, while still doing the relatively important part of driving that requires your eyes to be on the road.

Right now, the company is shipping these $25 acrylic accessories in formats that will fit the mini and the nano. Support for other models are in the works and should be out eventually. Check out the website. Story VIA iLounge.


  1. in the state of illinois it is illegal to have something dangling below the rearview mirror that is longer than 3 inches or something like that. so eric and mark (aka “ill eagle”) are right. depends on the state and whether or not the law is actually enforced.

    also, it is a really, really stupid idea.