cl sound machine

By David Ponce

Being the inveterate (no, no, not invertebrate) entertainer that you are, you’ll no doubt appreciate the following item. The CL Sound Machine does it all: it’s a vinyl record player, an iPod dock, a CD player, and a wine rack. All in one stylish piece, so you can impress all your guests.

The 200W amp pumps its juice through the gramophone inspired speaker, while an 8 inch subwoofer provides more bass than you can shake a stick at. The wine rack can hold 12 bottles and the CD player can handle 5 disks.

Sadly, you can’t pick one up at your local Wal-Mart: it’s in “limited production”, and you have to contact the company to request pricing and availability.

[The CL Sound Machine] VIA [Sci-Fi Tech]


  1. CucumberLab Sound Machine Vinyl/MP3/CD Player + Wine Rack…

    We’ve all been patiently waiting for a combination record player, MP3 player, CD player and wine/liquor rack and now CucumberLab, a design firm that specializes in making avant-garde designs for all sorts of quirky things, has delivered one unto us……

  2. I’m from Brasi, sorry my bad english.
    Her… how i start my comment, yes, i know.
    With the creation of iPod, various idiots try
    to make “BAD” use of the real function o this PMP, i have a OR3003 it’s not a Apple, is a Orange “World’s Recognized” and it’s good too, these guys (a.k.a timelosers), are difaming/distorcing the real and principal intention of the PMPs (PORTABLE midia player)