By John

This is one for the ladies, again. It’s an ELLE branded cellphone (for those of you who live under a smelly rock and don’t know, ELLE is a hugely popular fashion magazine) called The Glamphone, and it’s made by Alcatel. There are a couple of features that make it distinctly geared towards the ladies (yes, aside from the name). These include the lovely ELLE branded strap, but more importantly, and perhaps in a stroke of genius, the screen doubles as a mirror.

That’s right. Perhaps some (more empowered) gals will take offence that someone out there should think it a good idea to include a mirror on the screen of a mobile, but more than likely there will be a good number who think this is sheer genius. I happen to agree.

As far as specs, it’s pretty vanilla, though not exactly 2002 either. You get cameraphone (of undetermined resolution), video recording (H263/AMR and MPEG4 optional?) and AAC playback on a 3Mb space. Java games and… well, that’s it really.

You’ll be able to find it in “Prime ELLE Stores” in shopping malls as of October 17th. Although, I have to tell you, this might turn out to be a Euro only affair. Should you be in the neighborhood, it’s going to cost ya £149.99, aka $180. Visit The Glamphone website. Story VIA ShinyShiny.