The EV-K100, Or The World’s Slimmest Cellphone


By David Ponce

If you’ve watched “V for Vendetta”, you would not be a real gadget maniac if you missed the office dude’s (oddly primitive for the year 2020) thin cellphones. Well, a Korean company called KTF has announced the EV-K100, what they claim is the world’s thinnest cellphone. At 7.9mm thin, or a full 3.1mm thinner than the SLVR, they just might be telling the truth. And, as an added bonus, the phone happens to look exactly like the one used in the movie. I’m not saying it is, I’m only saying they look similar.

Even nicer than its design, is the fact that it’s not entirely impossible that the phone will hit the US shores in the near future. From an article on Personal Tech Pipeline:

A story that appeared today on the PDA Street site makes it clear that the company has designed this phone for possible sale in the U.S. It’s compatible with Verizon and Sprint networks, and a spokesperson for the company told a reporter that “it is not a big deal to change our phone’s format from CDMA to GSM” for export abroad, including to the United States.

Korean sweetness in the US? Nah… far as I know, only Helio has realized there’s a starved market for that.

VIA [TechEBlog]