ips-11gBy David Ponce

We don’t condone praying; it hurts the knees and rarely yields measurable results that can’t otherwise be attributed to luck or misfortune. That said, when we read about the IPS-11G, we started praying, and as of this writing, we still are. We are praying that no one within a 100 mile radius of us gets their hands on it. See, the little device has the ability to turn your everyday iPod into a karaoke machine. Simply load some MCG-MP3 karaoke format files into the player, and connect it to the IPS-11G. It’ll then read the files and display them on your TV, for everyone’s auditory torture enjoyment. Other than this particularly sadistic feature, the device can also be used as a bridge between the player and your entertainment center; the iPod’s menus can be accessed through your TV using a remote control, allowing to enjoy your music and videos (hopefully minus your wail-y voiceover) on large screen and large speakers.

The price for this potentially evil device is $230 and even comes with a microphone.

[The IPS-11G] VIA [Gizmologia]