The Smokey Amp, A Guitar Amplifier In A Cigarette Pack


By David Ponce

Yes, yes, this is not new. You may send a support ticket to “editor” at this domain with “Please fix old news problem or I’ll sue!” in the subject line. For the rest of you who don’t give a crap, you should know there’s a company out there that makes some really cool guitar amps from recycled cigarette packs.

The Smokey Amp, uses a square (9V?) battery, boasts a smashing 0.5W of output and is made from real recycled cigarette packs. Despite the low power, most reviewers on the site are almost frothing at the mouth at the quality/price ratio.

You should check it out.

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  1. this amp is soooooooo cool and its quite loud for 0.5w and so much easyer to drag round than my marshall now i can play anywhere in the house