xensaxion qool labs
By David Ponce

Did you end up buying a ROKR, thinking it’d would be the iPod killer everyone said it would be, and now you’re stuck with a dud you don’t really like? If you can’t afford one of the real musicphones coming out these days, maybe you can squeeze a little more juice out of your RORK with this offering from company Qool Labs: The Xensaxion.

It’s essentially a set of docking speakers for the phone. While docked, you can charge your phone and synchronize your files. And if you were to get a call, there’s a neat hands free option that lets you take the call without having to pick the phone up.

Didn’t see a price or availability date anywhere.

[Qool Labs Website (heavy Flash site)] VIA [Telecom’s News Service] VIA [Xataka]


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  2. you have got to find out when the motorola rokr E1 docking stereos come out. i want them so bad! please find out and tell me!