Lawsuit? What lawsuit?… The guys at Think Secret are always good for coming up with delectable information about our favorite music player, hot water or not. Gotta love’em.

So here are the goods. The next mini (referred to as Osiris within Apple… Osiris?) will probably sport a 5Gb drive. Of course, we knew that already. It seems Seagate (as opposed to Hitachi) will be supplying them. Same form factor, new colors, new firmware with (possibly) added functionality.

For the big brother, it seems the white is getting a little fade-out. Instead, a more silverish finish will replace it, in line with the look of their latest products. There’s talk of 80Gb and single plate 40Gb (making them as slim as the current 20Gb).

And that, my friends, is the skinny on the next pods…

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