It seems when you’re ready to drop $900 for a set of headphones, you acquire the right to not call them headphones anymore. No. Instead, you’re supposed to refer to this high-end equipment as a “personal monitor”.

So um, yeah, should you chose to spend this amount on the UE-10, you would have to first visit an audiologist (they help you find the nearest in North America) who would then take impressions of the inside of your ears. These impressions would then be sent to the people at UE who would finally ship you your custom fitted, $900 headphones personal monitors.

They feature three drivers for

sound that is studio reference quality with a true 20Hz to 16k frequency range. The low-end is tight but not overstated while the mid range is dynamic and the highs are crystal clear.

They even provide -26db of isolation and passive noise-cancellation.

So yeah, the website’s here. Story VIA TRFJ.