Viewsonic Announces New Smartphone Initiative


viewsonic-sbBy Shane McGlaun

Despite the fact that the global economy is very bad, smartphones are still growing at a significant rate. More and more computer companies are announcing that they are entering the smartphone market in an effort to improve their profits.

The latest company to announce that they are entering into the smartphone market isn’t a computer maker, but a company known for LCD TVs, digital picture frames, and PC monitors. Viewsonic has announced that it intends to enter into the smartphone market with phones aimed at video, gaming, and Internet browsing with larger screens.

Viewsonic offers no details on products at this time, but says that its smartphones will launch first in China and then come to the U.S. and Europe later. All that Viewsonic is saying about its smartphones at this time is that they will be 3G enabled and integrate well with its other product offerings.

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