Well, this is some good stuff people. It’s a simple case that fits 95% of cellphone models and is totally waterproof. That picture on the right was taken with a regular Nokia 7610!

There isn’t much more to it. Just slip your cell inside, go underwater and do whatever. They claim you can take your cell as far down as 20m. It comes with a strap to prevent you from, uh, dropping your phone into the abyss. It also comes in a variety of colors.

It sells for 49Euros, which is about 62$USD. Here.

Visit the product page. Story VIA Gizmag.


  1. WaveCase Waterproof Cellphone Case

    The WaveCase is perfect for all manner of watersports, from the surfing/diving/swimming kind to the kind that costs $200 a throw Las Vegas. Rated at 20 meters, the WaveCase envelops your valuable cellie in a plastic bubble, allowing you to…

  2. It looks ideal – especially for those of us who love canoeing and sea kyaking….it’s a must have for our daughters who go rowing…and sometimes end up in the river. Great to see something like this on the market.