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PlusDeck: Save your old cassettes

So, since you got an iPod, you blissfully broke away from the iron shackles of CD ownership. No longer did you have to trawl your massive collection of disks everywhere, bent over like Quasimodo. It was liberating, to say the least.

PlusDeckBut, tell me my friend… do you remember what you used to listen to, before you even discovered CDs? Have you forgotten all the hours of melodious delight provided you by your ever faithful cassettes? They haven’t forgotten you, even if you have. They’re still around somewhere, gathering dust, and they would like nothing more than an opportunity to make the jump into that shiny white box you now so lovingly carry around with you everywhere. Dont you feel sorry for abandoning them this way?

Well now, my friend, you have a chance to make things right. With PlusDeck from Korean manufacturer BTO, you can ressussitate those tapes and make MP3s out of each and every wretchedly forgotten track. It fits into a 5.25 inch bay drive on your computer. It makes WAVs or MP3s. It’s compatible with Win 95 to XP.

So as you see, there’s really no excuse anymore.

Check out the website

For the most discerning enophile

I once found out that everything has a name, no matter how banal. Fear of being scratched is “amychophobia”. Fear of freedom (!) is “eleutherophobia”.Enomatic wine tap Conversely, such mundane things as the love of flowers is referred to in academia as “anthophilia”. Which brings me to my point, that the love of wine also has a designated term. If the thought of spending more than 24 hours away from your most beloved bottle of wine gives you cold sweats, you’re most likely an “enophile”. Either that, or you should start considering a program with the number 12 in it.

Whatever the case, if you’ve got some money to throw around, you might want to consider this product by Tuscany based company Enomatic. The short of it, is it’s a wine tap. One that keeps up to 16 of your wine bottles fresh for weeks with Nitrogen gas. One with computer programmed volume control, automatic spout cleaning and electronic push button operation with back-lit displays. Nifty stuff…

Kind of makes me want to take up wine drinking. Well… more wine drinking. Well… and getting sort of rich first. And… ah, never mind.

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Microsoft lauches free anti-spyware program

Free Microsoft anti-spyware softwareYou know what they say, “When it’s free, it tastes better!” Indeed it does and this time, it’s anti-spyware software from none other than Microsoft. About time something from them comes for free.

Now, there is a catch. It will only install on machines with a genuine Windows. They will check and give you the boot if your Windows is not kosher. Now that makes me wonder… why do such a thing? Shouldn’t anti-spyware software be free altogether? Clean OS or not? I mean, isn’t the reason it’s so easy for some spyware to get cosy in my machine because Microsoft made it so darn easy for people to use it’s OS without knowing what they’re doing? You know them… clicking away willy-nilly, installing God Knows What and the kitchen sink all over the system. And you know, someone should be held accountable for such recklessness. Who better than Microsoft.

So I say, make it free and available to all. The world will be a better place for it.

Check it out.

Petsmobility: Keep track of your puppy

So you like your pet. No, no, you really like your pet. You like him enough to spend Heaven knows how much to keep track of him every second of every hour. And you know what? You’re proud of it.PetMobility Cell Phone

Here’s how this works. You program the collar to recognise your phone number (like your cell’s). Then you attach the collar to your pet. You go to work. You go on the internet. With the GPS unit, you know where your pet is at any time. You get lonely. You miss him. You dial the collar’s number. It recognizes yours and answers. You chat away and get a fuzzy warm feeling.

Fun, no? Well, PetsMobility Network seems to think so. They’re banking on the $34.3 billion pet and pet related expenditure maket ($34.3 billion???!?!) to make a pretty penny from this. And you know what? I bet they will.

Visit their website

WiFi Seeker, 50$ signal finder

Wifi seekerThis one’s pretty self-explanatory. You’re out traipsing around the city and you’d like to know if there’s a WiFi connection without having to remove your laptop from it’s carrying case. Simply press the button on the WiFi Seeker, and it’ll let you know if there’s anything within 300 meters. It’ll even give you signal strength, from 1(bad) to 4(good).

The downside is you have no idea what the name of the connection is, or even if you can use it. That’s when you pop your baby out to find out. At 50$ and attached to your keychain, not a bad thing to have, if only to save yourself the trouble of fetching and booting the laptop.

Oh yeah… and it’s kind of fugly.

Check out the website.

Old News, DVP642 is cinephile’s best friend

DVP642 Divx playerWe the good folk at OhGizmo! would never condone such illegal activities as downloading movies from the internet. To do so would be tentamount to murdering whole film carpenter’s families, as some commercials make explicitely clear. That being said, I find it necessary to write a couple of lines about the best darn Divx enabled DVD player on the market right now.

It’s the Philips DVP642. Why the best? Well, it plays Divx and Xvid is why (as well as regular DVDs)! And it’s 70$; 50$ refurbished. It’s been out for a while, and there are quite a few other players that do the same thing out there. Still not at this price though.

VersaLaser, from thought to object in 10k$

If you have ten big ones lying around, this little toy could be very useful to you. Not to mention fun. Versalaser materials printer

The idea behind this is quite simple. Think your object through, scan or draw it, input raw material into VersaLaser’s hungry mouth and wait a little. Soon enough, out comes your shiny new widget, freshly carved by ten thousand dollars’ worth of impossibly powerful CO2 laser fury.

Now, if it were me, I’d play around with it for two hours and run out of things to make. But that’s just me.

Not an awful lot more to be said about this, so there you have it.

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Think Secret on iPod 5G

Lawsuit? What lawsuit?… The guys at Think Secret are always good for coming up with delectable information about our favorite music player, hot water or not. Gotta love’em.

So here are the goods. The next mini (referred to as Osiris within Apple… Osiris?) will probably sport a 5Gb drive. Of course, we knew that already. It seems Seagate (as opposed to Hitachi) will be supplying them. Same form factor, new colors, new firmware with (possibly) added functionality.

For the big brother, it seems the white is getting a little fade-out. Instead, a more silverish finish will replace it, in line with the look of their latest products. There’s talk of 80Gb and single plate 40Gb (making them as slim as the current 20Gb).

And that, my friends, is the skinny on the next pods…

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iPod-like phone from Siemens

So one minute, Siemens’ mobile division is going to be sold to LG. The next minute, it’s not. I say, oh well.

Siemens' SF65 iPod-like phoneIn any case what’s undeniable to me is that they must be getting desperate to sell something. And you know what they say… “When sales are low, iPodify your products!” Well, that seems to be just what they’ve done here. It’s a pretty phone, I have to admit. Then again, I’m a sucker for anything Apple (I think their product designers are purebred garden gnomes raised by God Himself.)

The SF65 comes with a 1.3MP camera and flash, which is certainly lovely. Yet it has no bluetooth or POP3 email support, essentially making it a connectivity island. Some (me) would even call it… a bimbo.

Navigate to the SF65 in Siemens’ website to see for yourself.

Low cost 1Gb flash drives on eBay

So the iPod is ubiquitous. No one is contesting that. If you don’t own one, you’re no one. (iPod bashers, please restrain yourselves.) Yet, when looking at the specs of this cute little thing in the picture, it’s hard to resist the urge to splurge. Now by no means am I suggesting you purchase it (Heaven forbid!) instead of an iPod, or iPod Shuffle, no no. Perhaps then, as well as.Cheap Flash Drive

What is it, you ask? It’s a sexy little flash drive. 1Gb in storage. FM tuner. Voice recorder. OLED screen. Rechargeable battery (instead of AAA). Washes the dishes. Takes out the trash. Pretty much everything an iPod shuffle has, except for the USB 2.0 connection (this is 1.1). What’s the big deal? The 100$ price tage of course.

They’re all over eBay, so check it out.

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