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iBear luvin for your iPod mini

Kubrick iBear
Not a whole lot of witty commentary to be made about this, as it’s pretty self explanatory. Seems like everyone is riding the iPod wave these days. And why not?

Basically, what we have is five cute little bears switching their innards with your mini. In matching colors, bien sur. I imagine this one was inspired by the succes of a previous model, the iKub, which I have to admit is somewhat attractive in its blocky ugliness.

If anyone speaks Japanese, go look for it in this website. It’s somewhere… inside.

Ferrite bead, radiation stopper

Ferrite bead I like people who worry. They’re entertaining to watch. They’re fun to talk to. By fun of course, I mean the kind of fun that you get at the dentist. They also happen to provide good business to an entire industry that guiltlessly feeds on their collective misinformation and paranoia.

Well, maybe I’m overstating things just a little, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we can now chose to worry about at least on less thing. See, as Professor Challis, who is chairman of the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme in the UK said: “There is no evidence yet that mobile phones are harmful to health but people have not been using them long enough for us to be sure.” No evidence huh? Well, better be safe than sorry, right? Right.

So, attach this ugly ferrite bead to the wire of your handsfree kit and you’ll pretty much also be radiation free. That won’t save you from pollution, global warming, flash floods or getting hit by a passing car. But at least, my friend, you’ll be radiation free.

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3D Gaming Phone From LG

3D Gaming Phone
Games in cellphones, from personal experience, suck. I’ve had high hopes with every new handset, and was always let down. Perhaps the fact that my all-time favorite cellphone game is still “Snake” is a good indication of how bad things are. Well, in Canada at least. See, we don’t really get anything here. But that’s beside the point. The point is that companies are still trying to add gaming functionality to cellphones, and some are quite serious about it. Like LG.

They claim to have developped the world’s fastest 3D phone. The specs actually sound sort of interesting for a phone. It’s a clamshell that opens up to a 2.2inch, QVGA-class (320X240) LCD screen. It’s powered by a mobile GPU capable of 1 million polygon/second. That’s 5 times more than anyone else. It’s also equipped with motion sensors, presumably adding to the gaming experience. They also threw in a 1.3megapixel camera, for good measure.

Sounds juicy, except that of course the juice pretty much stays in Korea. LG is saying that maybe after 6 months or so, they might market it here, as a “high-priced, premium product.”


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Bluebroc’s c-station: will definately not cramp your style

Bluebroc c-2 workstation
Not quite content with simple and efficient, Bluebroc has given birth to gaudy and extravagant. That’s a euphemism for pretty darn cool and, when do I get one? It’s the workstation from the future and the future is now. It comes in leather and chamois fabric and you can choose your own colors.

I can already imagine the countless hours of pleasure to be had entertaining the ladies on something like this. Then again, maybe it takes a special kind of lady to appreciate it’s intrinsic beauty. A special kind of lady I have yet to meet…

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Shower Shock, when there’s no time for coffee

ThinkGeek is featuring an interesting article for those of you that are chronically hurried in the morning.Shower Shock, Caffeinated soap Or those of you that have a penchant for efficiency. Or more simply, those of you that are quite lazy and would rather do two things in one go whenever possible. Behold Shower Shock, caffeinated soap.

You read right. It’s a vegetable based glycerine soap that packs caffeine. And no, you don’t eat it. The caffeine gets absorbed through your skin. Each bar is good for about 12 servings… er, showers, each one at 200 miligrams of caffeine.

And that, my friends, is very cool.

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rapidVoIP: Internet telephony at its best

rapidbox For those of you not in the know, there’s this great company called Skype that allows you to make phone calls with your computer. It’s free software, and the calls too are free… as long as the user you’re calling also uses Skype software. Apparently, some fancy algorythm actually increases the usually poor quality of the calls. If you plan to call a landline though… well, then who cares since it’s not free anymore. They claim it’s cheap but they lost me at the “it’s not free” part.

Whatever the case, they’re making quite a buzz and now another company has come out with a router you can use with Skype. The company is called rapidVoIP and the router a rapidbox, and it allows you to connect your regular phone to it so you can make calls, either PC to PC, or with SkypoeOut (the not-free option) to a landline. The cool part is that both regular phone calls and Skype phone calls can be made with the same phone. Just press * to switch modes. It even has another jack so you can plug in a fax as well.

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PlusDeck: Save your old cassettes

So, since you got an iPod, you blissfully broke away from the iron shackles of CD ownership. No longer did you have to trawl your massive collection of disks everywhere, bent over like Quasimodo. It was liberating, to say the least.

PlusDeckBut, tell me my friend… do you remember what you used to listen to, before you even discovered CDs? Have you forgotten all the hours of melodious delight provided you by your ever faithful cassettes? They haven’t forgotten you, even if you have. They’re still around somewhere, gathering dust, and they would like nothing more than an opportunity to make the jump into that shiny white box you now so lovingly carry around with you everywhere. Dont you feel sorry for abandoning them this way?

Well now, my friend, you have a chance to make things right. With PlusDeck from Korean manufacturer BTO, you can ressussitate those tapes and make MP3s out of each and every wretchedly forgotten track. It fits into a 5.25 inch bay drive on your computer. It makes WAVs or MP3s. It’s compatible with Win 95 to XP.

So as you see, there’s really no excuse anymore.

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For the most discerning enophile

I once found out that everything has a name, no matter how banal. Fear of being scratched is “amychophobia”. Fear of freedom (!) is “eleutherophobia”.Enomatic wine tap Conversely, such mundane things as the love of flowers is referred to in academia as “anthophilia”. Which brings me to my point, that the love of wine also has a designated term. If the thought of spending more than 24 hours away from your most beloved bottle of wine gives you cold sweats, you’re most likely an “enophile”. Either that, or you should start considering a program with the number 12 in it.

Whatever the case, if you’ve got some money to throw around, you might want to consider this product by Tuscany based company Enomatic. The short of it, is it’s a wine tap. One that keeps up to 16 of your wine bottles fresh for weeks with Nitrogen gas. One with computer programmed volume control, automatic spout cleaning and electronic push button operation with back-lit displays. Nifty stuff…

Kind of makes me want to take up wine drinking. Well… more wine drinking. Well… and getting sort of rich first. And… ah, never mind.

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Microsoft lauches free anti-spyware program

Free Microsoft anti-spyware softwareYou know what they say, “When it’s free, it tastes better!” Indeed it does and this time, it’s anti-spyware software from none other than Microsoft. About time something from them comes for free.

Now, there is a catch. It will only install on machines with a genuine Windows. They will check and give you the boot if your Windows is not kosher. Now that makes me wonder… why do such a thing? Shouldn’t anti-spyware software be free altogether? Clean OS or not? I mean, isn’t the reason it’s so easy for some spyware to get cosy in my machine because Microsoft made it so darn easy for people to use it’s OS without knowing what they’re doing? You know them… clicking away willy-nilly, installing God Knows What and the kitchen sink all over the system. And you know, someone should be held accountable for such recklessness. Who better than Microsoft.

So I say, make it free and available to all. The world will be a better place for it.

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