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iPod-like Dog Musicmaker Thing

When I was a young child, my parents took me to Disneyworld. Somewhere in there, they had this nifty contraption. You waved your hands over some spots of light, and you’d get some control over this orchestra of sorts. Music making dog It was fun… for about five minutes. Well, now Sega has made a little dog that can do just that. Yipee!

It can spew a combination of 720 different melodies. It’ll sort of dance around to the tune of it’s own music. You can plug an audio jack in it’s ass. It looks like an Ipod. It seems totally useless. Like most kid’s toys, I imagine.

By the way, guys, the link is in Japanese.

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Story via Engadget

PSP doubles as cellphone

Since E3, there has been some speculation about Sony adding some cellular capability to it’s already popular PSP. Popular in Japan that is. On this side of the pond, we’re still gritting our teeth.PSP could be used as a cellphone

Now, Sony’s COO is adding some fuel to the story by… flat out telling us about it.

Now, if you ask me: Who on earth would want to use the PSP as a cellphone? I mean, the unit looks awesome… but stuck to your ear? The word ungainly comes to mind, no? Or maybe it’s meant to be used to add some sort of online gaming functionality. I imagine we’ll find out soon enough.

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Angel Light, fka X-Ray Vision, aka Nut Ray

Angel Light, aka Nut Ray
I like the French. Rally, I do. They have nice wine, nice cheese and the very nice baguette. I wasn’t even one of those who got their panties all up in a bunch over their Iraq stance (being Canadian probably helped a little). It’s just that once in a while they come up with stuff that makes you wonder if they’ve had a little too much of that wine.

Now, I say French, but really, reading the article, I can’t be sure. It’s from a Canadian website and the name Hurtubise is typically French-Canadian (I’d know…). So it could be that he’s one of the French’s little brothers, and in that case, maybe things make more sense (French-canadians, please take no offence). See, the reason I’m all up in arms about this, is that Mr.Hurtubise is claiming to have invented a light source (strangely phallic in appearance) that when shone on a surface will allow you to see through it. And that, my friends… just sounds nuts!

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